9 Reasons Why You Should Add Belize To Your Bucket List

For non-stateside beach getaways, most Americans typically go with the usual options — Mexico, the Caribbean or one of the Hawaiian islands. But what if you wanted all the trappings of a faraway beach vacation, just with less tourists? Then you’ve got tohead to Belize.

Belize is way less crowded than most vacation hotspots, but still has everything a tourist could want — snorkeling, hiking and incredible ancient ruins to tour. Bonus: It’s also the only Central American nation where English is the official language. If you need more convincing, here are 9 reasons to add Belize to your bucket list:

1. Right now is the best time to visit.

belize bucket list

Head to Belize November through April for a few glorious months of sun and sandy beaches before temperatures start to soar and the rainy season sets in.

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