Kendall Jenner Looks Pissed As Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Weekend Heats Up

Hey Kendall, why so glum? You’ve got a party to go to!

Despite her sunshine yellow sweatshirt, Kendall had a scowl on her face while she was pumping gas on Friday afternoon. In addition to the frown and the Shadow Hill hoodie, the 20-year-old outfitted herself in some skintight leggings and pulled her brunette locks back with a headband. Have all the Kardashians ditched their designer garments for athleisure wear? We hope not!

Word on the street is that Kanye West is throwing Kim Kardashian a lavish bash at their home this weekend to celebrate the reality star’s 36th birthday. Originally an over-the-top party was planned in Las Vegas, but has since been cancelled after Kim’s Paris attack earlier this month. The mother of two has been struggling since being held at gunpoint by five men — and wants to keep things, even her birthday, intimate.

Meanwhile, we’re glad to see Kendall walking okay since earlier this week the supermodel and her BFF Gigi Hadid graced the cover of W magazine for their Art Issue, but the only problem was — the models didn’t have knees! No, it wasn’t a botched plastic surgery; the knee-less ladies were a most likely a result of a epic Photoshop fail. That’s a pretty big oversight! Is Lindsay Lohan doing their Photoshop now?!



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