Man Left Toothless After Explosion Of His Samsung Electric Toothbrush

Midland, MI | A man from Michigan finds himself completely toothless as a result of the explosion of his toothbrush on Saturday morning.

29-year old Michael Davis, was cleaning his teeth with a Samsung Smartcare 7 toothbrush, when it suddenly began to overheat before exploding into hundreds of  pieces.

The blast blew off all of his teeth, and projected them more than 30 feet away.

“The explosion was almost like the ones you see in Hollywood!” the young man told reporters. “A huge fireball came out of my mouth and my teeth are flew like bullets in all directions.”

According to experts, Mr. Davis is lucky to be alive, since the explosion occurred a few inches from his face.


This new controversy adds to the series of misfortunes that befell recently on the Korean electronics company.

After recalling 2.5 million Galaxy phones Note7 less then a month ago, Samsung had problems with some of its washing machines, which also began to explode.

This new episode is likely to undermine again consumer confidence in the safety of electronic devices of the company.



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