Top 8 Breakfasts In The World

Parents are perhaps the biggest advocates of breakfasts. They can’t seem to stop explaining the importance of the first meal to their littles ones. While some tend to love quick and light breakfasts, it can be a major feast to others. A list has been compiled on the top 8 breakfasts in the world and they can help you achieve the foodgasm you dearly require to get through the mornings. The list isn’t in any particular order because all of them are equally delicious and it would be an injustice to put one over the other. Have a look!

8. English Breakfast



Rainy days in England can be quite depressing, but there’s always a hearty English breakfast to boost your morale. A regular English breakfast is usually composed of eggs, toast, sausages, bacon, stewed tomatoes, grilled vegetables and baked beans. A cup of tea also goes well with the extremely sumptuous and filling breakfast.

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