Top 8 Vehicles Whose Value Decreases Slowly Over Time Price

Here is one unfortunate fact: your car’s value starts depreciating immediately you take it from the dealer. After one year, a typical car will have lost up to 15 percent of its value.
The good news is, not all cars depreciate the same way. Some car models will retain their value for a long time compared to others. There are those cars whose value will even increase after some time. With these type of cars, you don’t have to worry about depreciation for a long time. Check out this list.

Honda CR-V

Its average price will decrease by 9% after owning it for one year

Honda has earned a lot of credits by making family-friendly cars and CV-R isn’t an exception. Buying CV-R offers, smaller and sleeker, but fully equipped package of Honda Pilot. Plus, its price will only decrease by 9 percent after owning it for one year.

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